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The Miracles of Jesus

In his two-volume set on Miracles, New Testament scholar, Craig Keener, goes to extensive lengths to provide proof of actual miracles that have taken place, especially miracles that can also be verified by medical science.

While evidence of miracles is certainly proof that something, likely supernatural, has taken place, we are still left to reflect on the miracles of Jesus without the lens of modern medical science to prove the claims of the Gospel accounts of the things Jesus did.

Now, I don’t want to insinuate that we can’t trust the accounts of Jesus in the Gospels. After all, most accounts are from actual eyewitnesses. However, it does mean we should press the narratives a bit to understand what the miracles mean, even if only at a beginner level.

Read Luke 11:14-23.

After driving out a demon that we are told was responsible for a man’s muteness, all hell broke loose (pun intended). Almost immediately, Jesus was accused of being in cahoots with Satan, as if by the power of Satan, Jesus had driven out a demon afflicting the man. To us, this probably seems laughable, but such a drastic and authoritative action precipitated by Jesus signified a change by God of the highest order within the history of humanity. Indeed, this miracle was an audacious display of power.

To quote Darrell Bock, “Jesus' work is a divine painting etched by the finger of God and pointing to the one through whom the forces in heaven manifest themselves on earth. He is exhibiting his authority over Satan, establishing the earth as a place where righteousness can and does triumph over destruction. Redemption comes through him. All that remains is for people to choose him.”

In other words, this miracle, and every other miracle of Jesus, emphasizes a vital reality – “the kingdom of God has come upon you” (v. 20). Thus, every miracle perpetrated by God reveals and validates what Jesus brought to us at his first coming – the inauguration of his kingdom on earth. Is that what you are seeking today? (Matt. 6:33-34).

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