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The Virgin Birth

The virgin birth (Luke 1:26-38) is a story many hear often and it sometimes

loses its wonder because of the repetition. So, let’s make it a little more relatable.

Imagine your life now, going about your daily business, doing the same thing you

did yesterday, and maybe thinking about the great plans you have coming up.

Imagine that in the midst of your day, an angel suddenly appears. WHOA, you

wouldn’t have seen that coming. That in itself is amazing! But then the angel tells

you God has a plan for you and this plan will forever change your life. The angel is

not asking you to commit to one event and then be able to go back to your

routine. No, this one event is an 18-year or more commitment. This one event will

change you and your family forever. This one event could jeopardize your

relationships with others. This one event was not planned nor is it convenient.

Physically it is more than you are capable of. Financially it is beyond your means.

Emotionally it could definitely take a toll on you. If this all happened to you

TODAY, what would you say?

Mary gave her “yes” and that “yes” forever changed history. That response

not only affected her and her family and her generation, but it affected them and

us and everyone in between. Mary’s “yes” was full of faith. She knew she could

not accomplish it in her own strength and she would have to completely rely on

God to make it happen. Mary’s “yes” was sacrificial. She knew it wouldn’t be easy

and it might cost her everything. Mary’s “yes” was spontaneous. She asked a

quick question, “But how can this happen? I am a virgin,” but then she gave her

yes. She didn’t take days or months or years to pray and contemplate and figure it

out. She didn’t take time to discuss it with others to see what kind of support she

would have and what other’s thought about this crazy plan. She didn’t have all

the details. But she did have a word from God and that was enough for her!

So, what is God asking of you? What is he birthing in your heart? Will you

give him your “yes” and trust Him to work out the details and bring it to pass?

Your “yes” just may change you and your family and this generation. You will

never know the power of your “yes” until speak it!

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