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Studying The Word (Week 2 The Word, Day 6)

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” 2 Tim 2:15

Studying the Scripture is one of the most essential keys to a deeper, more intimate walk with God. It is a crucial component of a life consecrated to God. Knowing what the Word says and means equips you to successfully employ truth and revelation gained through your search of the Scripture. Says and means! Wow! Herein is the heart of the matter. Numbers of Christians know what the Scripture says, but struggle with “what does the Scripture mean?”

Take Your Time

You see, too often, while reading the Word, we read over things too quickly and oftentimes miss the “Hidden Truth” in passages of Scripture. Reading the Word is important! However, in our fast-paced life if we are not careful, we get too focused on, 1) how many chapters we are going to read; or 2) I need to read this much to read the entire Bible in a year. While these are great goals to have, reading alone will not equip you to the degree of function your assignment from God requires. Reading is important, but without “Studying the Word” you will lack the depth of perception, understanding, and wisdom it will take to fulfill your purpose in God. Studying will fortify and deepen your spiritual maturity for the level of consecration required to do what it takes to be all God desires you to be. Hence the text! It is all right there.


Therefore, “Studying the Word” is not something that you should view lightly or ignore. Why is that? We see the answer in three simple words, “approved unto God.” The Greek definition means acceptable; current after assayal; i.e., approved. The key to unpacking this is “current after assayal.” To assay something means to analyze something, such as an ore for one or more components: to judge the worth. It is an examination and determination as to characteristics such as weight, measure, or quality: analysis to determine the presence, absence, or quantity of one or more components also: a test in this analysis.

Application of the Text

Let us apply this to our text. Studying the Word of God engages you in a powerful spiritual process which exposes you to hidden truth and revelation. It also exposes the spiritual condition of your heart to God and to you. You enter a process that reveals whether there are certain components of His truth, revelation, and righteousness which may be lacking or maturing in your walk of faith. It is where God can see the content and quality of your character as it relates to your understanding of what the Holy Spirit, through the Scripture, has revealed to you. As you study the Word of God, you will discover your degree of submission to His divine influence. It reflects in your life. You will find yourself conforming to the image of Christ. You will discover the blessing and the joy of the “Glory to Glory” lifestyle. In this process God will determine your degree of readiness for next level living! Study the Word and watch how God moves in your life!


First, make sure you have blocked out time in your schedule to study. Then make sure you have some good study materials like a good reference study Bible, Strong’s Concordance, and paper for note taking. As you read & study, ask the Holy Spirit to open the Word up to you. Search out the meanings of certain words using your Concordance and add to your notes as you record insights. I recommend downloading free apps of the Bible with Strong’s (I use the purple icon). This is also good when you are on the go. Finally, remember not to hurry. Enjoy your time with God!

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Debby Barnes
Debby Barnes

Amen! The Word is so important in our lives. I just read a book that shared a study done showing that Christian’s who read their Word at least 4 times a week significantly increase their ability to live out the purpose God has for their lives. This is something we already know but if you like research and data you might enjoy the read.

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