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Servant/Leadership The Perfect Combo

Peanut butter and jelly, chips and salsa, strawberries and Nutella, coffee and cream (especially Cuban coffee), the list of combinations can go on and on, and it almost seems like one thing can not exist without the other. One thing I am sure about is that there are always people who don't like the same kind of food or drink combos, and that is ok because you are free to mix whatever

you want when it comes to eating, even when some combinations will taste bad. Try some orange juice and hot milk, and you will probably pray for healing on your way to the bathroom, as I did once.

Today's theme combines two essential attributes of our Lord Jesus. He said these words when his disciples struggled in a heated discussion dealing with leadership and service. See Mt 20:20-28.

The main issue is that they looked at these two attributes the same way the world sees them: "A leader must be served by others, and servants are just to work and not lead, but be led. Leaders are more important than servants."

That is the concept of the world, but Jesus was very clear, saying (verse 26):

"It's not going to be that way with you. Whoever wants to be great must become a servant."

Jesus exemplifies this perfect combination (Jn 15:13) because he modeled this type of leadership and servanthood. He not only is the greatest leader in human history, but He also became the ultimate sacrifice for the entire humanity to save us from hell and death. We live in a time and era of influencers, celebrities, and world leaders that have the platforms to lead others; sadly, in many cases, they lead them away from The Truth, who is Jesus.

Dear brothers and sisters, if we want to bring the perfect combo that will taste like Christ to this world, we need to combine the right attributes of leadership and service and not allow the bitter flavor of pride and hunger for fame to contaminate our mission.

If you want to be an effective leader, you have to be a servant. If you are truly a servant, you will find yourself leading. These two are meant for one another if we want to be like Him. Let's seek opportunities to serve and lead through the example of Jesus.


God, thank you for Jesus, my Lord and King. Thank you for His example. I need you to help me through your Holy Spirit to be like Him. That I would follow his way to serve others and lead like Him, Father, I will always give you Glory when I do it as He did it! Thanks for calling me to serve and lead in your Kingdom! In the Name of Jesus, I ask you these things. Amen!

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