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Finding Your Voice

In chapter fourteen of 1 Corinthians, verses six through twelve, the Apostle Paul writes to the church about making sure what we say makes sense. Some have taken this to mean that we should not speak in "tongues" or unknown languages when in the gathering of the church, but this is also the man that taught us about the order of worship and how we can do these things as long as people understand what is happening. He also stated that He spoke in tongues more than others. So. what is Paul teaching?

I believe that he was showing us that communication is vital for the church to accomplish its goal - sharing the Gospel of Jesus. If we are not speaking in a way that others can understand, then we are ineffective and become a crashing cymbal that is not in time with the rest of the music. That means we must find our voice, or the language God has given us to speak, so that others can understand.

Our voice is made up of the words we say, the expression of those words (voice inflection), and the context in which we say them. For example, young people started saying, "that's sick." (I am not sure if they still use this expression anymore) If we only hear or read the words in this statement, we may conclude that whatever they are speaking of is ill. For us to comprehend what is being said, we must also understand the context and hear the expression of those words.

This is important because this is how we find our voice. God has given each of us a voice to share this message with the world. Finding that voice is important so that we can fulfill His purpose for our lives. Each voice is unique and significant. Each voice can communicate to a specific people group. When we each use the distinct voice God has given us, we create a beautiful chord in perfect harmony that reaches into the world.

John the Baptist found his voice. The Bible says that he was,

"the voice of one crying in the wilderness: 'Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight,’” Mark 1:3

The church is now the voice crying out in the wilderness of this world, pointing the way to Jesus. It is our job to find our voice wherever that may be and however it that may sound. Each of us has our own place in the wilderness to cry out. Each of us has a distinct sound. Seek the Father for your place and your sound. Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and speak what He gives you and how He wants you to say it. Don't stop until you find your voice, and then let your voice be heard.

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