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Fasting (Week 3 Fasting, Day 1)

Fast: "abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink, especially as a religious observance."

Fasting Defined

As we begin this week focusing on fasting, it is essential to know what fasting is. Fasting is abstaining from food and pleasures for spiritual purposes. The Word of God reveals to us how long people fasted and how they got breakthroughs for others and themselves. They are to be our examples. We must understand that fasting is a way to release our faith. Just as laying on of hands is a way for us to release our faith for healing found in James 5:14-16. Fasting is a discipline that God gives us to activate our faith in Jesus. Fasting must be a act of faith, not a work.

Biblical Definition of a Fast

Isaiah 58:6-12 shows us what a fast will do. It also shows us what God-designed faith does when released in obedience by doing what the Bible says to do. Looking at verse 6 (please look at the other verses to see the many other things that fasting will do) as a definition of fasting, faith must be used to accept that the outcome will be what God said it would be. It refuses any other suggestions or statements contrary to what the Word says. Remember, the Word never changes. God is faithful in fulfilling his promises to us.

Fasting is for Today

In Matt. 9:14-15 Jesus declares that the church age is also the age of fasting for the believers. (Read this passage as part of your activity). Therefore, there is an expectation for the church to fast.


In preparation to begin a fast, look up scriptures about fasting, the above included, to find out all the things that fasting will do for the believer. Know that faith comes for you to fast by hearing the Word, meditating on it, and studying what it says about it. Reading and studying about fasting is one of the ways we prepare ourselves to enter a fast and make sure we are using our faith when we fast.

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