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Uninterrupted Prayer (Week 1 Prayer, Day 5)

“Pray without ceasing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17

This scripture can be confusing. Especially to new believers. How do I still live life and accomplish everything I need to do with my job and family and be praying non-stop? I once heard a scenario that I thought was the perfect illustration of this scripture. A young man was driving someplace he hadn’t been before so he was following a friend. He called the friend and expressed some concerns that he might get lost. The friend reassured him that if they get separated, he can call anytime and they will figure it out. The young man wasn’t convinced and asked if it would be ok to just stay on the line, even if they didn’t say anything, but that way the line of communication was open if needed. The friend confirmed and they drove the rest of the way concentrating on the task of driving but with the communication available when needed. The key to praying without ceasing is to always keep the lines of communication between us and God open.

Application of This Verse

This is easy on our end. We know that we can call out to our Father at a moments notice, day or night. We just have to speak the words, or think the thoughts, and we know He’s always listening and ready to hear us. Our line of communication to the Father is always available. But what about His line of communication to us? Are we diligent to keep it open all the time, even while we are preoccupied with the tasks of the day, or sleeping at night? Are we attentive and ready to hear when our Father has something to say to us? God often attempts to speak to us through small impressions that we feel or think throughout the day, and if we aren’t careful, we will dismiss them, not giving them another thought. We can choose to consider the impression, receiving the communication, or if we are too busy we will miss it, closing the line of communication. The original meaning of the phrase “without ceasing” in the original language means “uninterrupted.” Let’s be intentional about not letting life interrupt our communication with our Father. Let’s be ready to hear when He wants to speak to us, at a moments notice, day or night. Communication is what helps relationships flourish and we will be glad we took the time to communicate with our Father.


Today be intentional to look/listen for the impressions that may be God trying to communicate with you. When you have that random thought pop in your head, take time to think about it. Is it just a random thought or is it your Father speaking? Test it against the scripture. Does it line up with what God has said in His word? Consider if it fits with the character of God. If the answers are yes, then respond to your Father. He is speaking to you.

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