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A Burning Shining Light

I have recently been studying the book of John. By recently, I mean since the first of the year. I came across a passage that stood out and felt like sharing it. I know that I have read it before, but for some reason, my mind had overlooked it till now. Have you ever done this? Have you ever read a portion of the Bible and then, when rereading it, thought to yourself, "was that in there the last time I read this?" That's what happened here with me.

I typically notice passages about light. They stick out to me because of God's vision He has given me for the church. But, somehow, I had yet to discover this one until recently. The passage talks about John the Baptist, and Jesus is the one speaking. Here it is...

He was a burning and shining lamp, and you were willing to rejoice for a while in his light. John 5:35

Jesus states that John was a burning and shining lamp or light to the people around him. We know that it was prophesied that John would come and prepare the way for the Lord by introducing Him to the world as Christ. In this scripture, Jesus is teaching us that John had a light to shine, but the purpose of this light was to reveal someone else and not himself. Although John gained attention and people came out to see and hear him, it was all to point them to another person. One that he says he was "not worthy to unlatch his sandal." We know that this person was Jesus, and here in this portion of scripture, Jesus is even making this claim.

I couldn't help but think this is an example for us. Our job is to light the way for others to see Jesus. We are a spotlight, if you will, shining on Jesus for everyone to see Him. "He is the way, the truth, and the life." Our job as members of the body of Christ is to let people see Him. This thinking reminded me of the passage in Revelation where John sees the seven golden lampstands, and in the midst of them is Jesus. As we continue to read, we find that the lampstands represent seven churches. God sent these churches a message to clean up their act and do what is right. Notice they all had the same job. The job of these churches was to shine their light on Jesus. The same goes for the churches of today. It is not our job to highlight how great we are and why our church is better than the next one. The position of the churches across this world is to light up Jesus for all to see.

The question is, can Jesus call us a burning and shining lamp? Is there a passion in our hearts for all to know that Christ has come? This was John's message. Repent and get ready, for God Himself will come and bring you His kingdom. Are we burning with the same desire for all to repent, be rescued from sin, and make Jesus their Lord? Are we using our light to bring glory to the Man in the midst of us? Are we even allowing Him to live in our midst? It's time that we, as the Church of Jesus Christ, be His witnesses and allow Christ to be revealed through us.

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