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Pastor Joe has attended this church all of his life and has been a member of many ministry teams, including the co-youth pastor at the age of 19, along with his cousin Nick Turner, who was then 17. Joe has also been a Sunday School teacher and took on the role of Administrative Pastor in 2011. He was elected pastor following the unexpected death of his father, the Rev. Bobby Turner, who had been pastor of the church for 21 years.

Pastor Alisha grew up in the Full Gospel Tabernacle Church in Lima, Ohio but began attending the Lighthouse in 2005, the year she and Joe were married. She has served in many ministries including youth leader, Sunday School teacher, nursery worker, worship team, and others. 

Joe and Alisha feel privileged to be able to serve as our pastors and continue on in the work that has been established through Pastor Bobby and Joe’s grandfather, the Rev. Billy Turner, who formerly served this church as pastor for 19 years. They are thankful for the foundation that has been laid that they will continue to build upon.

They consider each person in the congregation as part of their family, as all of God’s children truly are part of one another. They love to see people draw closer to God and the change it makes in their lives.

Their goal is to continue to see people accept Jesus as Lord of their lives and be transformed and growing in Jesus Christ.


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