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21 Days of Consecration

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Several years ago our church did a "one word" focus encouraging people to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal a characteristic that God was wanting to work on in them. The first year I learned of this my word was "gentleness". I kept that word in my heart and allowed the Holy Spirit to work on me for several years. When I felt I had made the needed progress the next word I felt directed to was "listening". Some people may change words every year but apparently I'm a little more hard-headed because it usually takes a few years for me to really feel growth in those areas. This week I was reminded of this practice and God gave me a new word, "dependent"(John 5:19). Is there a characteristic God is working on in you? What scripture has He given you to stand on?

Taysia Malone
Trisha Troiano
Ashley Fry


This is the place we will share our 21-Day Devo during our 2...

21 Day Devo

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